Judge Mark Wernick

Hennepin County
District Court


Please join us in supporting Judge Mark Wernick in his campaign for re-election to the Hennepin County District Court.

Appointed to the Court in 2002 by Governor Jesse Ventura, and then elected by the Hennepin County voters in 2004, Judge Mark Wernick has a demonstrated commitment to our system of justice and service to the community.

Before his appointment to the bench, Judge Mark Wernick was a trial lawyer for 27 years. This courtroom experience enables Judge Wernick to exercise appropriate control over court proceedings while giving all parties a fair opportunity to be heard.

Judge Mark Wernick has a long history of working with community based, non-profit organizations and with professional organizations. As a result of this experience, Judge Wernick understands the daily challenges facing all people involved in court proceedings.

Judge Mark Wernick is a hard working and thoughtful judge. Please consider his background and experience described in this website. The Committee to Re-elect Judge Mark Wernick asks for your support and for your vote in November.